Sunday, April 17, 2011

Macarons = Maca-ruined*

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The alphaBITEical project is something that I have been taking very seriously. When I come up with or find new recipes I test them out before I share them on the blog. For the most part, they have all gone pretty well. I could have said that up until a few days ago when I tried out a recipe for macarons on great blog I found called Tartelette. Helene Dujardin, author of Tartelette, is a food photographer and it is because of her photographs I wanted to make these Strawberry Macarons. How delicious right?

Well when I gave them a whirl, not so delicious. This is what happened.

They are supposed to be crispy pockets of air...not this. This is a eggy, gooey pink mess.

They looked (and tasted) like festive marshmallow Easter bunnies left me not so pleasant prizes on my baking sheet. Simply put, Peep Poop.

To tell the truth, I did not have the complete recipe from Tartelette right in front of me. I copied down the steps on a notecard, and left out a few crucial details. I was in a hurry to make these, that I scribbled down the steps too fast. The next time I am copying out the recipe I will be sure to have everything down. Wish me luck to make them Maca-right!

*Other titles in the running for this post were: Maca-wrongs or Maca-fail

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