Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Plate Runneth Over

Hello readers, if you are still out there.

    I know that it has been a little while since my last post, but several things have happened since then. I have been so busy with all these things that I haven't had time to get in the kitchen and cook. Last week was a anomaly in the ALPHAbiteICAL household - The Mrs cooked dinner two nights last week! Even the pooch-o was confused by it all.
Let me fill you in.

Poultry Princess
    The Mrs has started a new job as the student recruiter for the Department of Poultry Science. She is in charge of planning and hosting events for the department, helping with the Poultry Science Club, traveling around the state to high schools to tell them all the things the department has to offer, and a whole host of other things that I am forgetting. Her first big event was this past weekend and it went very well, and the food there was very good too: smoked chicken (of course). 
    I am so proud of how well she is doing this job, however her jokes nowadays have become a bit fowl. I dont want to ruffle her feathers, and dont get me wrong some of her jokes have been some clucking funny, but others...not so egg-celent . If you know any good chicken jokes send them our way. To get you in the mood, watch this video courtesy of Lawrence Welk.

Poison precautions
    In the food business it is important to know how to not poison your patrons. The owners of the cupcakery I work at approached me to see if I would be willing to become ServSafe certified.The health department requires that at least one person on staff be certified to insure food safety. Well we had that one person, but they felt that it would be better if there were multiple people on staff were certified including themselves. They are in the process of expanding their business and opening a new location soon, and thought that the more people that they have with the certification the better for them.
    I have been studying my brains out and am happy to report that I passed. The tricky part about the studying and the test was I work at a bakery not a restaurant. Things like how to properly freeze fish for sushi and how to hold food at temperatures for hot service on a buffet and transporting cold food for catering isn't what I do at my job. We make cupcakes. Hundreds of cupcakes every day, that is it. It just wasn't practical for me, but to pass I had to learn it. And I passed, so there you go.

    As I said before, the owners of the cupcakery are expanding their business. They are opening a new store location hopefully by the end of November/early December, and are also looking to open another store location ideally in the middle of next year. I really like my job baking cupcakes all day; it really is a lot of fun for me. However, I knew that I could not be a permanent part-time employee.
    With them expanding, I also knew there had to be something else for me with their company. After a few conversations and then an interview, I am now the manager of the cupcakery! They hired me to take care of the day to day things so that their efforts can be focused on opening the new store locations. I am very excited about the new job and extremely pleased to be full-time.

    All that to say I haven't gotten to cook in my kitchen much and I am having withdrawals. I need to whip up something fast or I am not going to know what to do with myself. Thank you to everyone that has shared recipes with me I am adding them to my list of things to try as we speak. If you have something that you think that I would like send it my way!
Just look at what some of my friends have sent me:
Homemade Pop Tarts with a sweet avocado filling found on scarlettabakes.com sent via from my good friend Jenn. 
She said, "Make these and invite me over to eat them." 
I will Jenn!

Pumpkin Pancakes found on tastykitchen.com sent via my cousins Blair and Chad. They tried this recipe and said it was perfect for the season. I cannot wait to try them too!

And, my parents' next door neighbor shared a family pecan cookie recipe with me. I think that I will make them for when our small group meets next.

I'm hungry, so I'm off to the kitchen. Stay tuned for what ever happens next.


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  1. congrats on your new job! I'm thrilled for you. 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the plasters!

    glad those avocado poptarts intrigued you!