Thursday, June 9, 2011

I is for Ice

Infinite possibilities

  • 4 cups of cold water*
  • 2 ice trays
  • 1 freezer

Carefully measure 4 cups of water exactly.
Pour water into your ice trays deliberately but not forcefully. If you are too timid with your pour, water will run down the side of the measuring cup, making a mess. If you are too forceful with your pour, the water will bounce off the bottom of the tray and on to the counter, again, making a mess.

With your ice trays full of cold water, carefully transport them to the freezer. Stack your trays and close the freezer door. Allow the ice to set completely (~4-5 hours)

When your ice is set, you can use your ice. To loosen ice out of the tray, grab the sides of the tray and twist in opposite directions.**

Serve immediately.

You can serve Ice by itself, it is sometimes a nice crunchy snack, or it can be used as an ingredient itself. For example: traditionally ice is used as a cooling agent in beverages such as lemonade, Iced tea, and Ice water (pictured).

*If your water is hot or even warm, place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to make it cold. Depending on how hot or warm your water is will determine how long it will need to stay in the refrigerator.

**Sometimes during this step, small shards of ice tend to shoot off of the ice tray and it is an eye hazard. Goggles are a good idea, remember - safety first.

Okay seriously, I did my research for this one just like I did for the other letters. Do you want to know what the most popular item? Iguana. If you think that I am going to cook an iguana you are mistaken, and if you think that I, let alone the Mrs, is going to eat an iguana you have lost your m-I-n-d.

.....maybe there is something I could do with this.

Stay tuned.


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